SEO Strategy

Businesses are often unsure of what type of services they might need. That is completely okay, so long as you have a budget in mind. We can create a strategic approach to grow your natural search traffic over time.

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To get started with any strategy, an assessment based on your long-term business & marketing goals is a must. Having a overall digital marketing strategy is imperative to your success and should be in place before you determine an approach to Search Engine Marketing. If you need help concreting your digital marketing strategy, we're happy to help out there, too.

SEO Audits

We conduct in-depth analysis & pull data from your current website, your existing analytics or other tools that are in use. This audit will tell us what needs improvement and covers myriad factors but, big pitcure, it covers the three core tennants of SEO: Technical / Architecture, Content & Linking

The output from this work is list of actionable & prioritized insights to improve your chances of impacting the SEO approach on your site to increase natural search traffic. Audits can take anywhere from 8 hours to over 40 hours to perform, depending on the size of your website and its historical relationship to natural search optimization. We recommend an audit every year or when material changes occur in your business or competitive landscape.

Keyword Research

"Keyword research is complicated." - Some people

"Keyword research is time consuming, therefore expensive." - Some people

Some people will tell you that is as simple as going to the Adwords interface and tapping into to Google's suggestions. Others will tell you its a massive undertaking that will break Microsoft Excel due to all the data. For most businesses, it lands somewhere in the middle. We're also here to tell you that its SUPER IMPORTANT and can inform all manner of future decisions with DATA. Its incomplete unless you look at the users and their personas / behavior to identify patterns and trends that are translatable into future sales funnels. Good keyword research will find the competitive keywords that apply to your business - it will also identify the low-hanging fruit that your competitors aren't paying attention to.

Keyword research should be done every year, or when material changes occur in your business or competitive set. If your a retailer and your product line changes with the seasons, for example, you should constantly be doing keyword research.


Search volume for two search terms: "Mens apparel" is indicated in blue and "Mens clothes" in red

Natural, helpful text that reads easy and solves problems is what Google wants from your content efforts. Keyword stuffing not only makes the reading a chore for human users but it also serves up signals to Google’s algorithm that your website might be trying to game the system.

A content optimization campaign will focus on the consumer of your product or service (and their journey). Google’s algorithm will not be the primary focus of blog posts creation or changes recommended to content. Google wants to rank high-value websites highest, so that is what we're aiming for. However, there is a school of thought that should not be ignored, that exposes the value of authority around a particular topic therefore, if your site is missing content that is essential to establishing authority around something integral to your customers journey, we recommend creating this content.

There is a technical aspect to content optimization too, which is too complex of a topic to get into here but, rest assured we've got a complete understanding of all aspects of letting the search engines know what your web presence represents.

Content optimization

Who are your primary competitors? Locally? Nationally? Internationally? Competitors who are besting you in gaining natural search visibility are doing things right. If necessary, running audits of your competitors websites as a way to broaden our understanding of what keywords are profitable is something that can be done. This is not for the purposes of copying their approaches but, rather to enhance our overall understanding of the landscape. Additionally, we offer competitive monitoring services to provide a view into this important facet of your approach, on an ongoing basis for a monthly fee.

Keep your friends close & your enemies closer, right?

Competitive Analysis

Have you previously hired a company or SEO consultant to obtain backlinks? There are a lot of people that do this well and even more people who are doing it poorly or even fraudulently. Looking at the validity and authenticity of those backlinks should be done periodically. Knowing what kinds of sites link to you can help you to know where you need help in the linking area, up to and including disavowing spammy or suspect sites that are potentially hurting your site's ability to garner its share of natural search traffic.

Backlink Audit

Building natural, organic backlinks is important as its one of the three core concepts to natural search. Backlinks exist on a website for the sole purpose of helping users arrive at relevant content and to have a friction-free experience. Google looks for inbound links that offer consumers relevant navigation as a source, or for addition information on a subject. Don't forget that 'read more' or your company brand name is not the best anchor text. Building quality backlinks while cleaning up low-quality cases should be a component of every natural search optimization program.

The lack of attention to inbound linking from most businesses is significant. This is a big opportunity for most companies.

Link Building

A website redesign is the perfect time to make significant improvements to your natural search program from a technical perspective. If your site is already performing well in natural search, then you may be nervous about a website redesign, as it might negatively impact your natural search traffic. You should be nervous, we've seen businesses TANK natural search performance over a very short period of time, by not taking good care to have a smooth transition during a redesign. It's important to create a strategy to not only redesign your website but make sure that the impact of the transition from old to new is nominal in the eyes of Google. We're happy to integrate with your design and /or development agency to ensure that not only does the channel remain productive but, that we make gains as a result of the redesign, wherever possible.

Redesigning websites without incurring natural search traffic losses is important & should not be overlooked or given just a cursory amount of time to. All changes to the site should be changes that benefit the channel, not changes that are done just for the sake of change.

Website Redesign Consulting

Have you got a development team who possesses a solid grasp of search concepts? Great.

They are developers, let them do great dev work. We're digital marketing experts, let us impact your business results. They spend their time honing the development craft, we spend our time geeking out on Google's latest approach to structured markup, page speed impact on rankings and AMP. Retain our services to ensure your already sharp team gets the best advice. Starting at $99 per week, we'll field questions by phone or email and look over your design comps or wire frames to make sure that nothing is being missed.

Retained Services

Is your agency doing a good job? What about that SEO practitioner you hired a few months ago? How would you know if they weren't?

Are you hiring talent to staff your internal SEO roles? Why not have a fresh set of eyes take a look at your situation and help you make the best choices. Having the right people in your digital marketing department can make or break your online presence and business performance.

Hiring Review

A little bit about hiring the right consultant for the job...

We're more than just an SEO consultants. We're digital marketing experts that have been building businesses online since the mid-1990's and have seen it all [almost]. Making sure that your website performs at its best in the natural search channel is only one aspect of our expertise, doesn't it make sense for you to have a digital marketing professional, more broadly, looking out for the growth of your business?


Get in touch with us to discuss your needs and we'll share pricing information with you. Everything we do is bespoke to your business needs.

We bill in half-hourly increments and a $1000 minimum deposit (except retainer services) is required to get started on a project . Most clients only need a few (5-20) hours work performed. If you have an occasional question after a project or task is complete, there is typically no additional charge. When hiring an SEO consultant or digital marketing professional, remember that selecting the lowest priced company or person can & often does, result in being fleeced. We don't make any guarantees of performance and anyone that does is likely to be a fraud. We take great offense to cases of digital marketing fraud because, in the end, it makes life tougher for all of us honest consultants.

This is, after all, about your business and your success, therefore choosing consultants that have a track record of success and understand the focus on your business is imperative.