PPC Audits

Have you got an existing PPC program, but it’s not running quite as well as you feel like it should be? Do you even know if its running as efficiently as it can be? Many business owners are in a tough spot when it comes to the performance question.

The program is ROAS positive and achieving your business goals but, is it as performing as well as it could be?

Looking to ensure all best practices are applied to your accounts? We can evaluate and make recommendations, get in touch for a thirty minute free consultation.

Let the Bauer Heavy Industries team go spelunking through your existing accounts, analyze your entire structure - review ad copy, targeting options that are being employed, negative keywords applied, bid strategy, measurement approach, automation, conversion tracking... in short, audit all aspects of the program. We will then provide you with a comprehensive & prioritized list of recommendations you can act on right away. 

Audits should be a regular feature of your SEM program (we recommend annually) and absolutely should be done at the initial stage of changes in personnel or management of the program. 

PPC or Pay Per Click marketing is a term that encompasses a wide variety of tactical executions such as biddable media on Linked-In or Facebook but, historically is though of in terms of Google's Adwords program or the Bing Ad Platform but today, even those platforms are extremely complex and filled with what most people refer to as "advanced features" - the point being there is a lot of functionality available and if you aren't using everything you possibly can, your program isn't performing as well as it could be.

PPC Management


There are dozens of places you can run pay-per click campaigns for your business. Traditionally, marketers are pretty bullish on PPC programs because, as the name implies, you pay, when someone clicks...and only then.

Great! A click is sure to be laden with purchase intent. Right?

Well. Maybe or maybe not.

By now most people understand that pay per click ads run on an auction model. What most people don't understand is the complexities that go into determining who wins that auction and how much or little money it takes to win certain positions.

We've been running ads on search engines since the emergence of the model with a company that most people have never heard of, called GoTo. Later re-branded to Overture and subsequently bought by our friends at Yahoo! so, we've seen the evolution of the channel over the years and understand how to be successful.

LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are other popular options for pay per click (PPC) campaigns, each with unique and interesting targeting options that can be leveraged into your marketing mix. These programs are all very, very different in their executions and we’re happy to talk to you about creative ideas to promote your brand in each of these channels.

Are we experts in all things paid media? We might know a guy. Lets talk about managing your programs.